“New certifications to obtain for success into the HC-IT industry”

“Learn from others mistakes with implementations of these EMR systems “

This Certification is a Healthcare IT career pathway certification. This unique certifitication provides training for displaced workers/unsatisfied worker and/or new students to be employed in entry-level positions such as Healthcare Help Desk Technician and Clinical Support Staff. In addition to, the Healthcare information technology field in an entry level call center environment.

One must prove to be proficient in both the clinical and technical areas before obtaining the HC-IT Application Specialist Certification and or the HC-IT Implementation Specialist Certification.

There are Prerequisites for the HC-IT Certifications. Prerequisites include:

•    College degree from an accredited college within the last 10 years
•    Three years in a Healthcare and or a Computer Information Technology field
•    An obtained MCP Certification
•    Have a Medical Certification or License of any kind



Scope of Courses HC-IT

HC-IT 201- IT for Healthcare Language:

Understanding HCPC and Codes, HIPAA, CPT codes, Understanding the different types of workflow processes in the Healthcare Setting. Understanding the Healthcare Processes.

HC-IT 202- Introduction to the IT for Healthcare:

Environment and Technology – Understanding the Healthcare policies in the Workplace. Getting to know Healthcare Staff process. Healthcare software and hardware vendors.

HC-IT 203 - Mobile Devices in the Healthcare Environment:

Understanding the Smartphone’s, PDA, Medical Modalities, Laptop, and Desktop in a Healthcare Setting.

HC-IT 205 Successful Medical implementations:

Important factors of implementation management involvement, development,
risk of implementation, trial implementation, and critical factors necessary for the organization.

HC-IT 206- Financial Workflow in the Healthcare Environment:

Information on the clinical data repository, nursing and physician (and other caregiver) documentation systems, clinical decision support system, results reporting system, electronic medication administration system, and pharmacy system.
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test health care

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